What is a Senior Rep?

A Senior Rep is someone that is going to promote Loyal Media Group Wedding & Portrait Photography to all their friends and classmates.  Of course we will give you and your friends incentives as well as arming you with snazzy pics of yourself.  Our hopes are that once your friends see what we can do, they are going to come to us for their pictures.  Only one or two students from each local high school are selected to be senior reps. We are looking for reps from most high schools in Dallas and it's surrounding communities.

What do you get for being a Senior Rep?

  1. Two free one hour photo sessions – one in studio, one on location.  Bring as many changes of clothes and accessories as you like and we’ll help you choose the best.  The location of the shoot will be at the photographer’s choosing.

  2. 15% off any a la carte products, or

  3. 20% off any packages ordered from your free session

  4. Your own customized mobile gallery to share your photos with your friends and family. This is how we track your referrals so make sure to share it with everyone you mention us to. Also, your friends will receive a free gift for showing us your gallery!

  5. Up to 50 rep cards to pass out to upcoming seniors, graduating seniors or their families. We know you want to pass out your awesome face to everyone but that's what your mobile gallery is for!

  6. Prizes!!!

  • 2 paying seniors referred by you = $25 American Express Gift Card
  • 5 paying seniors referred by you = $50 American Express Gift Card
  • 10 paying seniors referred by you = $100 American Express Gift Card
  • 15 paying seniors referred by you = $250 CASH + Custom 30 page, 12x12 in, leather bound photo album!
  • For you to get credit for a referral, the client must present your rep card so pass them out carefully.
  • Once a gift card/cash/album is earned, you will be notified when your prize is ready for pick up!


What’s the catch?

There isn’t really one.  Like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, and suggest your friends and family do the same.  Show your photos around to all your friends. Then, if someone sees and likes your pictures (and is an upcoming or graduating senior as well), give them your rep card. Only give rep cards to those who you think will actually want our services. Remember, your rep cards are your money. Don't spend them all in one place!

Easy enough?  You are NOT expected to discuss pricing or packages with them.  Just hand them your card and tell them how awesome we are.  : )


What are the rules?

  1. We will need your parent’s permission.

  2. You will need to sign a model release so that we can use your pictures in advertising.

  3. You will pinky swear to promote us, and ONLY us, positively.  You can’t be a rep for us if you are a rep for another studio. No double dipping please.


What do I have to do to be a Senior Rep?

Just fill out the application below and if you've made the cut, we will contact you!

How do you pick Senior Reps?

There are a lot of different factors.  It mostly depends on what segment of students we are trying to appeal to for the year.  There isn’t anything scientific about our process at all.  Please don’t be disappointed if you’re not picked.  We invest a lot of money in our senior reps, so we try to find those that are going to give us the most bang for our buck.  It’s nothing personal – we still love you.  : )

So lets get started!  Fill out the application below.  Be sure to have a picture handy, we require that!

That’s it!  We’ll take a look at the info you've sent us and if we choose you, we’ll be in touch.  We’ll choose all our senior reps no later than May.  Thanks and good luck!!!

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